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Shows you several major values of server.

RaspberryPI revision(Edit)

cpuinfo rev Code Model RAM
0002 Model B Revision 1.0 256 MB
0003 Model B Revision 1.0 + ECN0001 (no fuses, D14 removed) 256 MB
0004-6 Model B Revision 2.0 Mounting holes 256 MB
0007-9 Model A Mounting holes 256 MB
000d-f Model B Revision 2.0 Mounting holes 512 MB
0010 Model B+ 512 MB
0011 Compute Module 512 MB
0012 Model A+ 256 MB
a01041 (Sony, UK) Pi 2 Model B 1 GB
a21041 (Embest, China) Pi 2 Model B 1 GB

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if shown update button, your can synchonize actual version of software from to your personal server. Only pres this button, and wait for result (displays in red).

  • Can force the update by opening sites update.php on server.