RX antenna - BOG vs classic wire beverage

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Classic (elevated) single wire beverage:(Edit)

BOG - Beverage (wire) On Ground:(Edit)

  • BOG (Beverage on gronud) antenna has much lower output signal than from a comparable classic single vire (elevated) beverage antenna. Usually 10 to 15dB down. This is RX antenna where we counts not for signal strange but SNR (signal-to-noise) ratio. We can use good RX preamplifier to increase the signal stragne.
  • The impedance of BOG is lower than on classic beverage. This is because of the losses of the ground. It is around 200 to 300 Ohms. We have to use 4:1 impedance transformer (compare to 9:1 for classic beverage).
  • What is interesting on BOG is lower velocity factor (50 to 60% vs 95 to 98%). This means that a 80m long BOG has almost the same directivity as a 150m classic beverage. Its directivity is actually better than for the equivalent elevated Beverage, as there is no vertical down lead wire causing omnidirectional signal pick up.
  • If you put a BOG on the ground, you or animals will trip over it. The BOG wire must be insulated. It is advisable to use Teflon or similar high quality insulating material that can withstand abrasion (critters have sharp teeth!). Teflon insulated wire is best, but expensive