Arduino MEGA 63 relay Web switch

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Circuit diagram(Edit)

  • Main board .PDF
  • 16 Relay board (one Bank) .PDF


for to run you need a six component:

  • Arduino mega
  • Arduino Ethernet shield
  • micro SD card, no larger than ??GB
  • Main board
  • Power supply (5V to USB or up to 12V in DC plug)
  • Four relay board controlled by grounded input (Bank0-Bank3) - MAX +50V DC / 500 mA
    • Bank0 16 outputs
    • Bank1 16 outputs
    • Bank2 16 outputs
    • Bank3 15 outputs


Compose individual parts(Edit)

✔ Main board + Ethernet shield + microSD card + Arduino MEGA

✔ How to deploy

Before plug micro SD card, format at FAT16 and upload ascii file config.cfg with this content

[title=DM5XX web realy]
you must configure the first three lines (IP addresses), in accordance with the settings in the Arduino firmware

❏ microSD plug to Ethernet shield and deployed to Arduino MEGA

❏ then connect to Main board

Configure jumper(Edit)

  • JP1 - short disable auto reset from USB (must be open at upload firmware)
  • JP2 - short connect power between Arduino DC input and power on Relay board - WARNING to maximum voltage Arduino Mega

How to connect own relay(Edit)


  • For beginners Getting Started with Arduino
  • You can configure firmware from master tree GitHub
    • Or download preconfigured version
    • config.cfg edited and copy to microSD card and plug to Ethernet shield
  • .ino file compile and upload to Arduino MEGA

Configure firmware(Edit)