Arduino MEGA 63 relay Web switch

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Web page

Circuit diagram(Edit)

  • Main board .PDF
  • 16 Relay board (one Bank) .PDF


for to run you need a six component:

  • Arduino mega
  • Arduino Ethernet shield
  • micro SD card
  • this Switch board
  • power supply (5V to USB or up to 12V in DC plug)
  • relay board controlled by grounded input


For beginners Getting Started with Arduino

You can configure firmware from master tree GitHub

Or download preconfigured version

config.cfg copy to microSD card and plug to Ethernet shield

.ino file compile and upload to Arduino MEGA

Configure jumper(Edit)

  • JP1 - short disable auto reset from USB (must be open at upload firmware)
  • JP2 - short connect power between Arduino DC input and power on Relay board - WARNING to maximum voltage Arduino Mega

Configure firmware(Edit)