Arduino MEGA 63 relay Web switch

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Circuit diagram(Edit)

Part list(Edit)

C1 capacitor 10u
R1-R63 resistor 1k
D1-D63 LED diode
U1-U8 ULN2803
Arduino short 29 pin
Arduino long 54 pin
JP1,JP2 jumper
P1,P2,P3,P4 header 2x10pin
Four distance spacers

✔ All components

❏ Solder all resistor on bottom side

❏ Solder all resistor on top side

❏ Next step is LED diode - necessary to observe polarity

❏ Solder all LED

❏ C1 capacitor

❏ Eight ULNs IO

❏ Short pin header on bottom side

❏ Long pin header on bottom side

❏ Four 20pin header and two jumper on top side

❏ Four distance spacers


for to run you need a six component:

  • Arduino mega
  • Arduino Ethernet shield
  • micro SD card
  • this Switch board
  • power supply (5V to USB or up to 12V in DC plug)
  • relay board controlled by grounded input


For beginners Getting Started with Arduino

You can configure firmware from master tree GitHub

Or download preconfigured version