Arduino MEGA 63 relay Web switch

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Part list(Edit)

PCB one
C1 capacitor 10u
R1-R63 resistor 1k
D1-D63 LED diode
U1-U8 ULN2803
Arduino short 29 pin
Arduino long 29 pin
Q1,Q2,Q3 transistor BC547
S1,S2,S3 LED switch
RL1,RL2,RL3 Relay
U1 LCD 16X2
U3 preset encoder with knob
J1 DB15-F + DB15-M
CON1 pin array 5x2
P2+P1, P3+P4 strip 9+13 pins 90°
P5 pin array_3x2
P6, JP1 pins + jumper
U2 Arduino nano 3.0 + socket

✔ All components

❏ Solder all resistor on bottom side

❏ Solder all resistor on top side

❏ Next step is LED diode - necessary to observe polarity

❏ Solder all LED

❏ C1 capacitor

❏ Eight ULNs IO

❏ Short pin header on bottom side

❏ Long pin header on bottom side

❏ Four 20pin header and two jumper on top side

❏ Four distance spacers