6x2 Antenna switch control

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Front side(Edit)

  • LCD - shows selected antenna - first line Input/Output 1, second line Input/Output 2
  • MENU - light button. For activate press button more than 0,5 second. Green light signals if manual control activate.
  • ENCODER - rotary encoder primary move cursor, after activate MENU you can select antenna outputs manual or back activate BCD inputs.

Rear side(Edit)

  • DC POWER - input jack 5,5/2,1 mm size for DC power between 12-14 Volts. Same Power on pin8 ANT outputs.
  • ETHERNET - OPTIONAL module for controlled switch manual over simple web page.
  • microSD - not implemented.
  • BCD IN - band data inputs activate two levels, dependency to JP8 jumper
    • HIGH - TTL voltage input
    • LOW - grounded input (contains own 1k pull up resistor)
  • PTT TRX - grounded activate input PTT from transceiver (contains own 1k pull up resistor)
  • PTT PA - PTT continues from TRX to this output for power amplifier. If detect collision between inputs band, this output will be deactivate.
  • ANT - six outputs, will be in two levels dependency to preset JP1 and JP2 jumper. Also 12V DC power and ground available.
    • ULN if use internal driver ULN2803A - open collector 500 mA each outputs
    • UDN if use internal source 12V power driver UDN2580A.

Left side(Edit)

  • From the left side is accessible USB mini connector from Arduino NANO, which is usable for upload new firmware.

Block diagram(Edit)

Board preset(Edit)

LCD contrast(Edit)

  • with potentiometer RV1 - near left side LCD module

Inputs BCD Levels(Edit)

  • JP8 to HIGH - activate BCD inputs with TTL signal level (1k ohm pull-down resistor).
  • And uncoment line in firmware
    #define inputHigh          // enable input High level (default)

  • JP8 to LOW - activate BCD inputs to ground (1k ohm pull up resistor).
  • And coment line in firmware
    //#define inputHigh          // enable input High level (default)

Outputs Antenna switching(Edit)

This jumper must be set dependency to used U4 and U7 IO chip - do not change before change chip!

ULN - for ULN2803A open collector driver - switching antenna relay with grounded outputs.

UDN - for UDN2580A source 12V power driver - switching antenna relay with 12V power outputs.

Cable connect(Edit)

  • BCD IN - Input band data from TRX 1 or 2

  • Antenna outputs - Switched anntenas for TRX 1 or 2

  • PTT TRX - input PTT cinch from transceiver (grounding activate).
  • PTT PA - output PTT cinch to power amplifier - if controller detect collision, disconnect signal from transceiver PTT.
  • 12V - DC Power input (positive center) 12-14V. Same Power on pin8 ANT outputs.



  • upload via mini USB connector on left side enclosure
  • with preset
    • Board: "Arduino Nano"
    • Processor: "ATmega328"
  • if enable Ethernet
    • download ethernet2 library https://github.com/adafruit/Ethernet2
    • find and open file Dhcp.h and replace line
        int beginWithDHCP(uint8_t *, unsigned long timeout = 60000, unsigned long responseTimeout = 5000);  
        int beginWithDHCP(uint8_t *, unsigned long timeout = 6000, unsigned long responseTimeout = 5000);

Configure firmware(Edit)

  • Description antennas - show on LCD and web page
    char* ant[] = {
      "All OUT off",  // <-- do not change this line
      "160m Vert.",
      " 80m Dipole",
      " 40m Moxon",
      " 30m Dipole",
      " 20m 2x 5el",
      " 10m 4x 6el",
      "M-off->BCD",  // <-- do not change this line

#define Inputs      6      // number of antenna used ** not implemented **
#define Ports       2      // number of - IN/OUT pair devices and LCD lines (support from 2 to 4)
#define LCDculumn  16      //
#define inputHigh          // enable input High level (default)
//#define serialECHO       // enable TX echo on serial port
#define SERBAUD    9600    // [baud] Serial port baudrate
//#define EthModule          // enable Ethernet module

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