antenna elements

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!Quick Start Guide
*[Bazooka vertical|] 
*[Simply Field Day Vertical |] 
*[CW / SSB segment tunning|] 

!Bazooka vertical
Nice vertical antenna construction as Bazooka by [Ivan ON8IM|]
* '''{.redka#id color: #f23f37; font-size: 200%}⚠{/} NOTE: Use 75 Ohm feeding coax line for 4SQ !!! 50Ohm for 2el Array.Array.'''

!Simply Field day Vertical
Simply portable Vertical for Field Day by [W9XT|]

!CW or SSB segment tunning
** For low bands you may need to switch tunning between CW and SSB segment.
** You can use external relay for that.
** You can tune elevated radials - antenna element - LC 

* Source ON4UN Low-Band DXing

* Source ON4UN Low-Band DXing