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Simply modification of the LNB with PLL and 25 MHz X-tal. With 1 ppm TCXO there is nice 10 GHz RX for tropo and satellite. You only need some receiver - SDR or classic.

*[NEW MANUAL for VERSION (bias tee board ver 1.x)|https://hamparts.shop/blog/10ghz-lnb-tcxo-manual.html]

!Quick Start Guide
*[Bias Tee PCB|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=VHF-UHF+-+LNB+10GHz#Bias_tee_PCB]
*[POTY atnenna adapter|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=VHF-UHF+-+LNB+10GHz#POTY_dual_band_antenna_adapter]

!Bias tee PCB
* Small universal PCB
* Allows you to supply LNB over the coax.
* Allows voltage to 25V
* You can switch H and V polarisation
* Protections DC and RF !
* Variable Attenuator !

!POTY dual band antenna adapter
* PETG UV stable material
* 22 mm Cu pipe size
* Use tape to waterproof it.