Rig control daemon

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Configure model and assign to USB device for network Rig control with Hamlib.
* '''Model''' number find in actualy rigctld list pop-up window
* '''Baudrate:'''
** 300 baud
** 1200 baud
** 2400 baud
** 4800 baud
** 9600 baud
** 19200 baud
** 38400 baud
** 57600 baud
** 115200 baud
* Icom CI-V adr - only for Icom radios
*'''Detect device:''' For finding id's and serial numbers USB device you can use a pop-up window [http://remoteqth.com/img/split.png] . This window print dmesg message from kernel or list usb device path of system, After plug usb device you [see preview.|http://remoteqth.com/img/wiki-ser2net-detect-usb-device.png] - '''[How to set usb device SerialNumber].'''
**'''exactly by IDs (recommended) -''' connects devices that is able to clearly identify by ID and SN, typical FTDI chip.
*** USB Vendor id: must have at 4 characters.
*** USB Product id: must have at 4 characters.
*** USB sn: must have at least 1 characters, and maximum 8 characters.
**'''by relative Device path -''' connects devices that is not able to clearly identify, typical PL2303 chip.
*** Device name: find and copy from pop-up window in format 'ttyUSB.#-#.(#|#-#).#'.
Rig control daemon will be restart after re/plug usb device.