Remote multi rotator control

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!Block diagram
!Rack case
* [Version 4|Assemble the rack case version 4]
* [Version 3|How to assemble the rack]

! Rotators module
* [Assemble version 3.3|Rotator module version 3.3]
* [Assemble version 3.2|Rotator module version 3.2]
* [Assemble version 3.1|Rotator module version 3.1]
* [Assemble version 3.0|Rotator module version 3.0]
* [Assemble version 2.1|Rotator module version 2.1]
* [version 2.0|Rotator module version 2.0]
* [AC rotator Examples|How to connect AC rotators example]

! GPIO board for model RPI2/B2+
[|link=Raspberry PI B+PI2-B+ GPIO interface board 2.2]
* [Version 2.2|Raspberry PI2-B+ GPIO interface board 2.2]
* [Version 2.1|Raspberry PI B+ GPIO interface board 2.1]

! GPIO board for model B
[|link=Raspberry PI GPIO interface board]
* [Assemble version 1.1|Raspberry PI GPIO interface board]
* [Assemble version 1.0|4 rotator server power board]
! How to assemble components to complete server
[|link=Assembly multi rotator server]

!software Configuration
* configure from master tree [Arduino firmware by K3NG|], or '''download''' preconfigured version
** [|]
** [|]
** Change the Baud rate to 9600 (at K3NG source code its 115.k baud the preset){{#define SERIAL_BAUD_RATE 9600}}
* install [RemoteQTH server|RemoteQTH-server] on SD card for Raspberry PI
** login (yourcall/1234)to web interface and update server from status page
** change login and password in menu SETTINGS/LOGIN
** in menu SETTINGS/WEB RELAY change name for first relay to POWER and others set to n/a
** in menu SETTINGS/ROTATORS set number on Four and configure each rotator
*** set Name
*** replug usb and find ID from pop-up window
*** From/To azimuth without overlap
*** Get/Set sommand by defaukt
*** Your locator and apply
** For detection USB interface replug all interface by turning power off from the menu CONTROL/SWITCH RELAY - Recognized USB devices shown in STATUS page as rot1 , rot2, rot3 and rot4