RX antenna - 4-way Bi-dir beverage antenna system

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'''This is low noise receiveing antenna system for 4 directions in 90 deg angles (can be different, just controller has got LEDs in 90 deg order). This antenna consists of 2 x Bi-dir beverage sets, 4-way antenna switch and controller. That all allows you to have 4 directions beverage system with only one coax line from the field to the controller. Controller have got internal PCB with 3 BPFs, preamp and protections. There is also RX ant switch for TRX which does not have input for RX antenna.'''


!Quick Start Guide
*[4-way switch box|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=RX+antenna+-+4-way+Bi-dir+beverage+antenna+system#4_direction_switch_box]  
*[How to connect it|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=RX+antenna+-+4-way+Bi-dir+beverage+antenna+system#How_to_connect_it] 
*[Where are your feeders|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=RX+antenna+-+4-way+Bi-dir+beverage+antenna+system#Where_are_your_feeders] Direction matrix
*[Optional Common-mode filters|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=RX+antenna+-+4-way+Bi-dir+beverage+antenna+system#Common_mode_current_chokes]


 '''{.redka#id color: #f23f37; font-size: 200%}⚠{/} NOTE: CONTROLLER NEEDS 12-14 V AC POWER SUPPLY!!! NOT DC!'''

* '''This controller allows you to control:'''
** Simply K9AY - [link|https://remoteqth.com/k9ay-loops.php] (could be only over coax)
** K9AY++ RF box - [link|https://remoteqth.com/k9ay-loops-bpf-preamp.php] (coax + ctrl cable)
** Bi-DIR beverage TWO directions - [link|https://remoteqth.com/two-wire-beverage.php] (only over coax)
** Bi-DIR beverage FOUR directions with 4-way switch - [link|https://remoteqth.com/4-way-switch.php] (only over coax)
** You can use some features for more RX antennas 


!! [Controller instructions|K9AY and Bi-dir beverage controller]

* '''Controller full manual! [ link|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=K9AY+and+Bi-dir+beverage+controller]'''


!4 direction switch box
* Middle switch between a pair of Bi-DIR beverages antennas
* More here:[ link|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=RX+antenna+-+4-way+switch+for+Bi-directional+2-wire+beverage]

!How to connect it
* There are two Bi-dir beverages in the field.
* You can place this pairs as you need.
* The example is in 90deg, than you can RX signals from 45, 135, 225 and 315 deg.
* You need one coax from the each Bi-dir beverage antenna. Coaxial cables go to middle 4-way (4 direction) switch.
* Than only one coax goes to the controller.
* '''How to prepare it:'''
** Positions of the antenna in field depends at your possibilities
** If you want to use it in 90 deg cross, than go to next part and select which combination is good for you
** Depends on this configuration you need to select right Jumpers at the  Front Panel in the Controller (open enclosure)
** Rear switch at Controller must be switched to 4-way position
** Enjoy your low band DXing :)

 '''{.redka#id color: #f23f37; font-size: 200%}⚠{/} NOTE: There are the common-mode current filters which help you to obtain as low antenna noise as possible. But do not forget to good grounding, not only for antennas but also for 4-way switch.'''

!Where are your feeders
* '''Everyone has different antenna configuration and also feeders could be on different places.'''
* Controller allows you to set right Jumpers (JP) and follows your instalation. '''More here:[ link|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=K9AY+and+Bi-dir+beverage+controller#Jumpers_settings]'''
* Thare are all 4 combinations
* Where there are Terminators and Feeders (Bi-directional beverage).
* '''SHORT jumpers for right 4-way Bi-DIR beverage orientation. More here:[ link|https://remoteqth.com/wiki/index.php?page=Antennas+configuration+-+feeders+positions]'''
!Common mode current chokes
* ''' It is recommended to add common-mode current choke filter to the ham shack and do isolation between controller and antenna in field '''