Band decoder

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Band decoder software allows you to read the frequency of TRX CAT and the table frequency range switch the GPIO output relay. Therefore, it is first necessary to set Rig control daemon. If the daemon reads the frequency of the transceiver, enable and set Band decoder daemon. Form shown only disable relay in Web relay setings (with n/a name). 
It allows you to control part of output manualy, and the second part automatically by frequency from TRX.
* '''Enable/Disable''' allow od disable form. Disable also stop daemon.
For each relay set
* '''Enable for band decoder''' - use this output for decoder
* '''Displays band''' - this value in meters shown in control section
* '''From freq''' - frequency in kHz, from which the output is activated (inclusive)
* '''From freq''' - frequency in kHz, to which the output is activated (inclusive)