RX protection limiter with CMCC (common-mode current choke) in box

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This box is able to protect your receiver against the high power RF signals and prevent from destruction. These high RF signals are common in the multitransmitter environment - contest QTH, but also it can limit strong RF peak from the close lightning. Simply, but powerful, high voltage protection limits AC voltage peaks to 65 V. Transformators work as isolation and Common-mode current filter. Super Fuse protects against high current in the RX line and disconnect the circuit. This SuperFuse is big advantage compare to rest products at the market. Thanks to the circuit construction there is minimal problem with IMD. Limiter works for the signals higher than 20 mW. This device do not degrade the dynamic range of the receiver. The signal which is limited by this protection is usually higher than the value which is in the dynamic range of most receivers on the market.

Main functions:


Where to put this box:

RF limiter module

RF limiter module

The measured values

SO-239, limiter OFF

SO-239, limiter 13 dBm

SO-239, limiter 17 dBm

Common-mode isolation

F, limiter OFF

F, limiter 11 dBm

F, limiter 15 dBm

Common-mode isolation

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